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When a basketball game isn't just a basketball game

Ok, so I have to say this right up front. I wasn't emotionally prepared for the Blazers to lose to the NETs (the spelling is important) last night. But I'll get over it. I try to learn from every experience. First, some bullet points, then some thoughts:

  • The NETs are named after my cancer (ok, not really, but my cancer is called NETs) so I hate them and want to see them defeated every time just like I am planning on defeating my cancer

  • The NETs also moved to NYC from New Jersey, and we all know, NYers can't root for anything from New Jersey (I'm sorry if that is shocking to anyone. and, yes, I live in Portland OR, but you can take the boy out of New York but you can't take the New York out of the boy)

  • The NETs have my least favorite player in the NBA, Kevin Durant, on their team. He is a great individual player but basketball is a team sport. He can't lead others, make others better, or win championships unless he joins teams that has already won them.

  • The Blazers are the good guys. We have lived in Portland for almost 14 years and have been Blazer die-hards since we moved here. Romy was a junior Blazer dancer and we had variations of season tix for a while. Even Krista likes watching games (sometimes and others she is great at tolerating them)

  • Blazer games were always an activity that Eddie and I and the family could do together so it's even more important. We've had some amazing times at games

So going into the game last night, I built it up in my head that this was a good (Blazers) vs bad (NETs) battle and I really wanted my good guys to defeat the cancer team. But it didn't happen. That being said, I learned a lot anyway.

  1. Don't be stupid and assign too much meaning to a dumb basketball game

  2. Despite that I grew up in New York City and moved to Portland, there is room in my heart for both

  3. Going to the game with Eddie was a blast, even if they lost

  4. The Blazers fought really hard and almost defeated the cancer team. We know cancer hasn't been defeated so I guess it makes sense that we lost. But we are really close!

I guess that's it for this post. I am sure I will have some more to say on this topic, but I can always add it later.

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Janet Lee Johnson
Janet Lee Johnson
Nov 18, 2022

I'm going to hate the NETS and NETs both in your honor forever, Burt. Thanks for the inspiration!

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen
Nov 18, 2022
Replying to

I always knew you are the best!

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