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A post about a little bit of everything

I haven't posted in a bit so figured I would write a post with a bunch of thoughts that I've been having lately.

First, updates. I am still doing great. Feeling good mentally and physically. My next scans are on Monday 3/18 and I will find out what's what. I am rooting for another 3-month blip. I am feeling great but one never knows. I also joined a new gym and have been going fairly regularly (but it's very new still so don't hold me too it, but, hey, I am trying!). Consistent exercise was the one area that I didn't focus on and now I am trying more.

Next, I am still volunteering a ton. Despite my best efforts not to take on too much, I take on too much. I am chairing committees, on committees, writing marketing plans, etc. It's still fun and keeps me engaged and is a big help to my mental health. I am looking for pro-bono help (free help from marketing agencies) and really focused on the groups I am working with.

Ok, the image on top of the post. I have been thinking a lot about who I am and how my life has changed and I decided to try to draw it out. Overall, my perspective has changed so much. I used to focus mostly on my job, but now it's not even in the top two. My life and my family are what matter most. Friends are extremely important. I used to want to be friends with everyone. Now I want fewer friends that I am closer to. I am sure I will post more on this one in the future but wanted to get it out there now since I am thinking about it.

Boundaries. Yup, the B word. I am getting SO much better. I am saying no more, focusing on two-way relationships more, and not worried about losing people who don't value me as I value them. This is a huge step for me. What matters to me is real relationships, I don't have to be everyone's friend anymore. Maybe I am growing up?

Job hunting. This is its own post one day. I am still hunting and I am the finalist for a job that I really want. It will challenge me intellectually and creatively and still allow me to live life. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If I get it I will share more.

Oh, I started a nonprofit too for people connected to Oregon who have or care for those with Neuroendocrine Tumors. Guess who wrote and submitted their first-ever grant proposal? If you guessed me you guessed correctly! I will find out in May if my proposal is accepted.

On the family front, we moved Romy into LA! Krista, Romy and I drove from Portland to Orange CA and then LA. She moved out and is beginning her new life. We couldn't be prouder of her, she is doing great (and I am not writing that because she reads this blog!)

Eddie is doing great too, we saw him when we all helped Romy move in. I will never get tired of seeing them (insert kids eye roll here!).

Ok, that's today's random thoughts and updates. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about my perspectives graphic!

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Mar 15

Excellent post; I shared your diagram on FB (as a reminder to me).

BTW, I greatly resemble this remark: "I used to want to be friends with everyone. Now I want fewer friends that I am closer to."

I always enjoy reading your posts, Bruce, even if I don't comment. All appendages crossed for the new gig!

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen
Mar 15
Replying to

Thanks Chela! I really appreciate that!

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