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It's not the destination, it's the journey - Thoughts from the road

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

For those who don't know, from 2/2-2/11, Krista and I hit the road to SoCal to visit Eddie and Romy (aka the kids) and Ted, Carolyn, and Tim (aka the in-laws). I haven't left Portland since I got sick and haven't slept in a bed other than my own (except one night) since August. We drove from Portland to Sacramento to Redlands to Orange to Ojai to Sacramento to Portland, close to 2500 miles total. Lots of driving!

The trip started off a little rocky with my health (fatigue, not being myself, low Burtness), but I bounced back after the 2nd day, worked through some stuff, and ended up having an amazing week. There is just something about seeing your kids and their lives as adults that is pretty amazing. And seeing family you haven't seen in a while (thanks stupid pandemic!) topped it off nicely. I've added some photos below for those who are curious.

My random thoughts:

  • I have to take my fatigue seriously, but I have to be careful. I try to nap to help myself, but in certain situations (as in long car rides) a nap can be more destructive than helpful - I can wake up cranky, disengaged, not present, etc.

  • Listening to music always helps me, and I always find meaning in it - see my music post

  • Exercise, not surprisingly, wins. If I feel up to it I must exercise, even if its a small amount

  • Nature and natural beauty sustain me and give me energy

    • I took an incredible walk while in Ojai (5.5 miles), we drove through amazing scenery, saw snow-covered mountains and it all gave me energy

  • Redlands, CA is kind of a hidden gem - beautiful views, old houses from the 1800s, killer tacos (El Burrito), great Caribbean (Dhat Island) and Thai food (Arroy Mak Mak), and a laid-back atmosphere with a cute downtown. Lots of citrus orchards too.

  • ESRI, where Eddie works, is really cool and doing amazing things with mapping and data and Eddie is a big part of it - I couldn't be prouder of him and how he's adopted

  • Eddie's apartment is great and he lives on a beautiful street filled with historic houses (Olive Ave)

  • Traveling with Cleo, our miniature poodle, was fun, but I wish I could help more - she is extremely attached to Krista

  • I love Krista, my kids, and my in-laws! and Tim, of course. Tim is my brother-in-law.

  • Romy is amazing, has great friends, a great house, and is doing great at Chapman - I am so proud of her too - she made the Provost's List (an academic achievement)

  • I love Mothers supermarket in Orange CA

  • Ojai is amazing and restorative - who ever thought they would love visiting their in-laws? I DO! and If you haven't been to Ojai, you should go.

I'm sure I have more thoughts but I don't remember them! It was a great trip that really made me feel good!

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1 Comment

Feb 16, 2023

Love these photos, many that I haven't seen. We did have a delightful visit. Cleo provided endless entertainment. It was highly gratifying to see and hear how well everyone is doing. I'm so proud of our family.

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