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The sweet dulcet sounds of music - yes, the hills are alive

Lately, I've become much more thankful, grateful, and appreciative of things and people. Music is one of those things.

I've always loved music, but I've never used it to help energize me, help me feel, put me in a good mood, etc.

But I've realized the power it has over me. It can give me energy. It helps me walk faster on walks. It's meditative. It helps to bring out emotions I want and some that I don't. But it always makes me think and feel.

So, I put together a new playlist of songs that make me feel. Happiness, energy, melancholy, sadness (not so many), hope, optimism, fight, power, self-confidence, etc.

Welcome to my Feelings - The Good, The Sad, and The Fucking Truth playlist. Now, don't forget. We are all individuals and what helps me or makes me happy or sad might have a totally different impact on someone else. These are my picks, but you can always feel free to judge me for them! But it's what I like! Enjoy if you decide to listen!

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