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When no new news is good news!

Well, today was my monthly blood work and Oncologist appointment with Dr Guillaume Pegna (pronounced "pen-ya") my medical oncologist (as opposed to a surgeon, he is my lead and acts as my cancer QB. He is also a specialist in NETs).

Once a month, I go in, get my blood drawn, and meet with the Dr. We had a great appointment today. Krista and I are always full of questions, and we got them all answered. Our questions tend to range from symptoms, how long I have to take a drug, natural treatments, etc. Today, in addition to the standard appointment, we also discussed surgery. We had a great appointment with a surgeon last week and we debriefed with Pegna about it. Nothing is decided yet but my guess is surgery is in the late spring or early summer of 2023. I will write a post about the surgeon's appointment soon.

Today's good news is that there is no news. My blood is looking good. My white blood cell count is a little low but he isn't worried. My symptoms are pretty much the same and I get my next CT Scan on 12/27 which we will get a good view of the tumors in my liver too and be able to tell if they are stable, shrinking or, hopefully not, growing.

So for today, all is good and status quo (which is a good thing!)!

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Anne Etra
Anne Etra
Nov 15, 2022

That is one, seriously determined look in your eyes. Love you, cousin!


Janet Lee Johnson
Janet Lee Johnson
Nov 14, 2022

Thank you, Burt, for taking us with you on your journey. I believe that takes guts. I admire your willingness to share. Because you're right... we do care. ~JLJ

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