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Updates from 12/31

As you can imagine, it wasn't a crazy busy week on the update front. Coming up is more fun!

  • CT Scan on 12/27 with two special guests attending the hospital trip, Krista and Mom. Scan went fine (it's just an IV and imaging)

  • I have the results but haven't spoken with my Dr. yet (that happens on 1/3). But, a few observations from my own knowledge:

    • No one called me after with any urgency which is always a good sign

    • It looks like my tumors are still shrinking which means my Chemo (CapTem) and all the other things that I am doing are working and making a difference - YAY!!!!!!!

    • The lesions in my liver were measured differently so I am waiting for confirmation on the 3rd on how to read it but I think they are looking better

  • It was a great week for mental health with both kids still home (although leaving now) and my mom visiting for a few days. And I can't stress how important mental health is to recovery!

  • I've made some new friends and plan to have calls with them just to connect in the next week.

  • I am on Day 10 of my chemo protocol and start my heavy-hitting drug (Temozolomide) tonight for 5 days. Then I go on another two-week break

  • My symptoms this week are mostly more of the same. Bad stomach, fatigue, etc but none of it is stopping me! I did have a cold but seem to have beaten that (which is good because everything that is wrong gets your mind going when dealing with this)

  • Upcoming activities

    • Tuesday (1/3) call with Dr. Pegna (my medical oncologist) to review the scans

    • Therapy Tuesday

    • 1/4 dentist appointment to replace a crown

    • A number of calls with the groups I am volunteering with and some new friends

    • Insurance transition - moving health plans to a new provider so lots of calls to set everything up

Have a happy new year everyone! I hope everyone is doing great!

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Jan 04, 2023

You're doing so well. I love your updates and weekly recaps. I'm with you every step of this journey.


Anne Etra
Anne Etra
Dec 31, 2022

Well this is all excellent news with positive health progress and Hooray!

A major accomplishment of yours was getting dental work for under $250. Please please: how did you do that??

Happy and healthy in 2023!!

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