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Updates from 12/31

As you can imagine, it wasn't a crazy busy week on the update front. Coming up is more fun!

  • CT Scan on 12/27 with two special guests attending the hospital trip, Krista and Mom. Scan went fine (it's just an IV and imaging)

  • I have the results but haven't spoken with my Dr. yet (that happens on 1/3). But, a few observations from my own knowledge:

    • No one called me after with any urgency which is always a good sign

    • It looks like my tumors are still shrinking which means my Chemo (CapTem) and all the other things that I am doing are working and making a difference - YAY!!!!!!!

    • The lesions in my liver were measured differently so I am waiting for confirmation on the 3rd on how to read it but I think they are looking better

  • It was a great week for mental health with both kids still home (although leaving now) and my mom visiting for a few days. And I can't stress how important mental health is to recovery!

  • I've made some new friends and plan to have calls with them just to connect in the next week.

  • I am on Day 10 of my chemo protocol and start my heavy-hitting drug (Temozolomide) tonight for 5 days. Then I go on another two-week break

  • My symptoms this week are mostly more of the same. Bad stomach, fatigue, etc but none of it is stopping me! I did have a cold but seem to have beaten that (which is good because everything that is wrong gets your mind going when dealing with this)

  • Upcoming activities

    • Tuesday (1/3) call with Dr. Pegna (my medical oncologist) to review the scans

    • Therapy Tuesday

    • 1/4 dentist appointment to replace a crown

    • A number of calls with the groups I am volunteering with and some new friends

    • Insurance transition - moving health plans to a new provider so lots of calls to set everything up

Have a happy new year everyone! I hope everyone is doing great!

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