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Updates from 1/28

Amazing week!

  • I start the Temozolomide part of my chemo tonight (1/28)

    • In case you don't remember (it's not easy) I am on Capecitabine (Cap) and Temozolomide (Tem). My protocol is 14 days on Cap, the last 5 days on Tem too, and then 14 days of no chemo drugs

  • I've been feeling great this week. Honestly, the best I have in a while. A couple of my highlights

    • I was in yoga (which I love and I am convinced is helping me a lot) and realized how much I love my body. Crazy right? Even with everything that is going on with me my body is letting me live a good life

    • I feel more like myself than I have in years. My energy is good, I am happy with what I am doing, I feel like I am helping others, I am getting validation, I am happier, nicer, more patient, more appreciative. I am feeling like my "Burtness" (just to warn you I like my new word and will probably use it a lot!) is the highest that its been in a long time! Yay!

  • My symptoms are fairly light again. I did join a gym and have started doing more aerobic and strength stuff. On days that I work out I tend to have less energy at night and can be a little more out of it. Krista has noticed a bit more brain fog on those days too. My other symptoms are still:

    • Fatigue

    • Stomach issues

    • Skin/Eczema

  • I had a great appointment with the OHSU Naturopath on 1/26. She is definitely one of my favorite people on my team. We talked a lot about supplements and she feels that given my progress and overall pacing that I shouldn't be adding a lot of supplements in right now. She does think that I should continue my curcumin drips which I do in my off chemo weeks with Dr Marz (my long time naturopath for those following along at home)

  • That's about it for this week! Next week, other than therapy, nothing exciting. Although my two off weeks begin and we head to Southern California for 9 days or so.

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