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Thankful thoughts - It's overdone, sure, but that doesn't mean it's not sincere

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

This has been a hell of a year for me and those around me. Let's get that part out of the way quickly. Major health issues including Lyme Disease, Crippling brain fog, internal bleeding, ulcers, and cancer can make for an interesting and exciting year. Pair that with unemployment and you've got a real doozie (sp?). So why am I posting about being thankful? Keep reading.

I am SO thankful, maybe the most thankful I've ever been this time of year. (and no, I don't drink and I'm not high, although I need to explore that more!). Here's what I am thankful for:

  1. Despite all my health issues, I am still here and don't plan on going anywhere for a very very long time (and when I do, it won't be because of cancer).

  2. I am VERY lightly symptomatic. I am independent, self-sufficient, active, engaged, and still a dreamer with an obnoxious sense of humor, maybe even more so now. My symptoms are not keeping me down or holding me back!

  3. My family is incredible. My wife is the most amazing person and I can't be thankful enough for her. I am a pain in the ass sometimes (which I know and I feel badly about) but she is a huge part of the reason that I'm still here. My kids are incredible people. They are caring, adoring, supportive, curious, and very focused on helping us with anything we need. I have no doubt either would be here in a heartbeat if we needed something. Most importantly, they are both living their lives and doing great which makes me so happy and even helps me heal. My sister is incredible. Not only has she been here a few times, but she is incredibly supportive in every way possible and it's made a huge difference in my healing. The rest of her family has been great too, reaching out, visiting, joking, and just being there for us. My mom is a continued source of support and love and has helped in so many ways including helping take a ton of stress off of me through her love and support.

  4. I am making great new friends, and building deeper relationships with existing friends. Going through tough times really shows you who your true friends are. As someone once said to me, "everyone will send you nice thoughts, it's the ones who reach out soon after that really care". That's so true. This isn't said to make anyone feel bad, It's just been very important to me to recognize those relationships that are worth investing in.

  5. My team. Whether it's my oncologist, the surgeon, the nurses, naturopaths (I have two), the dietician, the genetic counselor, the Palliative Care team, financial counselors, social workers, my therapist, support groups, NETs orgs, etc. They are all playing a big role in helping me deal with my stuff.

  6. I am learning more than I ever have in such a short period of time. Learning about myself, others, the world, what's important to me, my health, etc.

  7. My attitude and mindset. I am still me. I happen to have cancer, but I am Burt who happens to have cancer and don't consider myself a cancer patient. And I don't have cancer, I have Burt's cancer. Issues are unique to me and different from others. But, my attitude is great. I am very positive and optimistic, am still a dreamer, still an idea guy, still obnoxious, still have a sense of humor, and still know that I am going to kick this things ass

  8. and I am very thankful for food carts!

Ok, so I hope that answers why I am thankful despite what I've gone through. I seriously am. I am a very lucky person!

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3 bình luận

26 thg 11, 2022

So thankful for you in so many ways. Love and appreciate you beyond words. ❤️


25 thg 11, 2022

I am beyond touched and moved by your post and the amazing, real, caring, kind, delightful, inspirational person you are. After having one hell of a year, you've managed to write uplifting words and thoughts that will help all of us. I can't say it enough: we're truly blessed you're in our lives.

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen
25 thg 11, 2022
Phản hồi lại

Thank you. This means a lot. Really.

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