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T-minus 2 days to my biggest ICDI trip yet, Banff via Glacier National Park

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Ok, here it comes, my biggest ICDI effort to date!

  • 9/8 - I drive from Portland to Coeur D'Alene Idaho

  • 9-9 - Coeur D'Alene to Coram MT (for a night of glamping 10 minutes from Glacier National Park (GNP))

  • 9/10 - Camping at the Apgar campground inside the park. Hopefully going kayaking on Lake McDonald

  • 9/11 - Driving the Going to the Sun Road (supposed to be a spectacular drive) inside GNP to the Many Glacier Campground (not booked yet but hopefully I will get a campsite for two nights there and I can book it tomorrow at 7am)

  • 9/11 and 9/12 - Hanging out, hiking, and walking around the eastern side of GNP. I am hoping to do a hike called Grinnel Glacier but it completely depends on how I am feeling and if I am up to it.

  • 9/13 - Drive to Banff for a conference for the Society for Integrative Oncology

  • 9/13 - 9/17 conference in Banff

  • 9/17 - drive from Banff to Spokane

  • 9/18 - Drive home

A few things. First, I have bear spray. Who knew? Second of all, I have tons of emotions. I am very very excited, a little nervous, a little anxious, happy, curious, etc. I expect to learn a lot and have some amazing adventures.

I'll be camping when I can, but I am being smart. I found all of the hospitals on the way, and have planned out most days. Those who know me know that I am not a planner, but because this is a big deal with a very teeny tiny amount of risk I am trying to be very smart (it's all relative).

I also plan on letting my body dictate my activities. If I'm fatigued, no big hikes. If I need a nap, I'll nap.

Just wanted to give an update. I am feeling good and ready to go! and of course, I haven't packed anything yet!

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