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Once, twice, three months a scan

Combo post warning. I haven't posted a health update in a long time so here we go (it's a short one). I am doing well.

  • Symptoms (overall not that bad):

    • Fatigue

    • Skin issues

    • stomach on occasion

  • Current treatments

    • My monthly shot of Lanreotide

    • diet, exercise, meditation, intermittent fasting, walking, writing, therapy, etc

  • Upcoming stuff

    • Next CT scan is on 3/18. Hopefully, I stay stable as I have been and get another three months until the next scan. There is a risk of growth or spread and we will then have to discuss my next surgery (pancreas and spleen). It will happen but I am hoping it happens a long time from now!

Ok, time for the better part of the post. The interesting thing about my world right now is that it has been condensed into three-month chunks. I have been going in for scans almost every three months. For the last two, I've gone in, been scanned, and been stable and my doc has told me to come back in three months. He's also told me that surgery is in my future, but there is nothing telling him it has to happen immediately. So I get another three months.

I call these three-month periods my blips. The way I explain it to people is that it's like a weather forecast in southern California. For the next three months, it will be sunny and low 70s. The fourth month has overcast days and no understanding of what the weather will be. That's my analogy (or metaphor?). Does it work for me? Yes. Does it work for others? Ask them!

So living life in three-month chunks is interesting. The first thing you have to do is not worry about month four. The goal is to live the shit out of the next three. Travel, engage your brain, do new things, meet new people, etc. In my three-month blip periods I volunteer a lot, look for work, reach out to people I find interesting, get annoying shit out of the way (house maintenance), etc. I do all these things because I can and who knows what month four will hold.

The biggest thing I need to learn how to do in my blips is to say no. I am so happy that I am doing so well that I want to get involved in everything and not just take any time to do nothing. I need to work on that. Doing nothing is important!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my blips and how I think about them. I'll share more on other stuff soon.

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I'm impressed with your 3 month blips program, i.e. going for it for 3 months and not worrying about month 4, the unknown month. Great way to live your life right now! How smart you're doing intermittent fasting. You've learned so much about living well and fully as you go through this cancer experience. You're an inspiration!



You are just amazing! I so admire your whole approach to this adventure!!

It's clearer and clearer to me these days that we're barely on the verge of understanding what "well" means and where it comes from. We've obviously learned immense amounts about anatomy and diseases and how to fix things that go wrong. but there's soooooo much more truth that's yet to be understood. And you're leveraging it, regardless!

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen

Thanks! The more I learn the more I realize that “well” is unique to each individual’s definition. Thanks for reading and the thoughts!

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