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ICDI - An update and some thoughts

By now, if you've been following along, you've read about my ICDI program. It's a program designed just for me and stands for I Can Do It. The purpose of it is to prove to myself that I am even better than I was before and that I can do the things I want to and experience the things I want to.

I launched my self-program a few months ago. Since then, I've returned to the gym (ok, not as often as I want to but at least I reactivated my membership which counts for something!), I've gone to the beach by myself, I've hiked, and I took my epic 1,800-mile 10-day solo driving trip including camping, hiking, and wildlife spotting in Glacier National Park.

So, what's next? As you also might have read, I have about 2.5 months until my next scan at which point we might have to discuss another surgery. So that gives me 2.5 months to play and plan! First, in November, I am going to drive from Portland to LA for a conference (I am speaking on a panel of patients) and will see my amazing in-laws and even catch a Chargers game with Eddie! (yes, being a Chargers fan is extremely difficult and challenging and you might ask why I still do that to myself to which I have no answer). I'll also visit some close friends in Santa Cruz and Soquel CA. Then in December, it's off to the city of my birth, NYC to visit for a few weeks with Lisa (sister), Mom, and friends. Might even catch a Rangers game (another never-ending source of pain!).

So I am excited about more ICDI activities on the way. But I wanted to discuss ICDI for a minute.

For me, ICDI is traveling and adventures. But, like everything else, ICDI is very individualized. So, if you love golf, but can't play 18 due to fatigue etc, can you still go hit one ball on a driving range? Can you putt in your living room? If you love to walk, but don't have the stamina for a long one, can you walk to the corner? Instead of cooking a three-course meal, can you make one appetizer or side dish? ICDI doesn't have to be hugely ambitious. It just has to be a step that shows you that you are capable, whatever that means to you. It's important for our mental health to push ourselves even if it's just a nudge.

It was important for me to explain that. We are all capable of different things and different levels of effort. So showing ourselves what we can do doesn't have to be monumental, it can be baby steps. Moving forward, regardless of how far, is always better than standing still.

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