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ICDI # 2 (I Can Do It - and I did!) - The trip to CA

My ICDI program continues to be a major piece of my healing. Last week, I took my second ICDI trip (trip # 1 can be found here) from Portland to the LA area. It was an awesome trip. About 2,300 miles of driving in 8 days, all solo. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Drove from Portland to Orland CA and stayed at an AirBNB. Who knew, but Orland is very nice, pastural and peaceful!

  • Drove from Orland to Ojai. Had a nice time with my inlaws, Ted and Carolyn (one of my blog's biggest fans!). I love Ojai (and my inlaws). Highly recommend going to Ojai (and meeting my inlaws!). And, obviously, I like saying the word "inlaws".

  • On friday, I drove down to LA. Great dinner with my BIL Tim (bob). As you can see we had lots of great and engrossing conversations!

  • Saturday, I attended the LACNETs NeuroEndocrine Day symposium in Santa Monica. A lot of NET experts spoke and we had an awesome patient panel. The day ended with a great piano concert by Tom Bajoras, a NETs patient

  • Sunday, went to the Chargers game with Eddie. Why? Because it was with Eddie. I have been a charger fan for 43 years and its beyond painful. But I had a blast with him!

  • Then started the drive home. Saw my friends Nick and Trixie, and Jay and Charlotte. Drove from Soquel and Santa Cruz to Oakland, Ashland OR and home.

This post wasn't that interesting, but at least you got a feel for my trip.

ICDI is very important to me. It's not only showing me what I am capable of, but it's therapeutic and keeps me excited about whats to come next. Speaking of what's to come, NYC trip in December!

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