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Has anyone cured cancer? Oh right, they haven't. So why not try stuff?

One of the most fascinating things to me is how people are so sure of what doesn't work (as opposed to being curious as to what could work). I have a newsflash, just because there isn't empirical data to prove something works doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Everything we do to treat cancer or any disease was at some point, unproven. After all, Leeches have been used in Medicine for over 2500 years and used throughout the 20th Century (but really waned in the 19th century). The FDA even approved Leeches for medicinal purposes in 2004, yes, 2004.

Which brings me to one of my favorite topics, Integrative Oncology. I am beginning to get more involved with the Society for Integrative Oncology. One of the big questions I have is how do I manage my natural treatments (or complementary treatments to use the medical term) to help my body get stronger and heal with my oncology treatments to kill the bad stuff inside me? That's my $1 Million question! Hopefully, the SIO can help as can some others.

As I do more research on the topic, I come across more interesting things. For example, this presentation which came out this year. It's a very interesting look at how patients and oncologists view Integrative Oncology and what they hope to get from it. I've forwarded this to my Oncologist and my Naturopathic Oncologist to get them curious and give them some data. This topic will be a theme for me and you will most likely see it pop up again. I am trying some things like Ozone treatments, Curcumin drips, and other stuff and none of it has hurt me or had any types of negative effects. It's impossible to know what one thing is making a difference but I will try everything I can to beat this!

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