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9/26 - Quick Update

Quick health updates:

  • Had my CT scan and Oncologist (Dr. Pegna) appointment yesterday

  • Dr said I am "solidly stable"

  • I stay on my once-monthly shots (probably forever)

  • In December I have my next scans to determine how we move forward

  • For now, no treatment aside from normal meds and my monthly shot

  • He said he wants to do the surgery on my pancreas and spleen but we can discuss it after my next scan

  • I also still have 10 tumors in my liver but they are tiny and we have some ideas on how to deal with them but not yet

  • So, I am excited to get another 3 months to do what I want and pretend that I don't have cancer, but after these 3 months I will most likely have to think about the surgery

  • Symptoms are still light

  • My stomach is bad a lot (could be a result of a new med for my monthly shot)

  • Fatigue (but not as bad, there are days that I can go without a nap now)

  • My skin still has issues - lots of itching!

  • Thats it for now! Thanks for reading!

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