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4/24 Updates - post lung surgery

Normal update first. It's not that interesting:

  • I got my second Octreotide shot on 4/12 (my once-monthly shot to stop my Neuroendocrine tumors from growing)

  • Doing acupuncture and a bunch of other therapies but my shot is the only prescribed Oncology therapy that I am doing

  • I am scheduled for my abdominal surgery (aka the party in my abdomen, the organ sale, etc) on June 9th.

  • It's hard to distinguish my symptoms given the recent surgery but they have still been pretty mild, mostly skin and fatigue

  • This week is mostly recovery, acupuncture, and dermatology. I see my surgeon for the follow-up on my lung on 5/1. Krista gets to remove my sutures!

  • I have also reached out to the Kidney surgeon to make sure that one stays on the radar. I don't think I want to address it on June 9th (a lot of reasons) but I don't want anyone to forget about it either and I don't feel confident that they will put any focus on it unless I ask.


I had lung surgery last week. Why? They found a nodule in my lung and they were worried about what it could be. This all came together in about the past two months. Because of everything I am going through, the lung surgery seemed pretty straightforward. Done through a scope, not opening me up, supposedly easy recovery. So of course, being me, I thought I'd be back to my normal self within a few days. NOPE (or insert a game show buzzer sound here).

In a classic Burt fashion, I talked myself into how easy this would be, it's practice for June, I will recover in no time, I can go sky diving in May, etc. What I didn't pay attention to is the fact that they took A CHUNK OUT OF MY LUNG. No way that's going to be easy. (quick tangent, we don't have the pathology back yet so we don't know what the chunk actually is).

They made some incisions under my arm for the tools and camera, put a chest tube in that I woke up with and had multiple IVs. etc. So despite the fact that I thought it really wasn't a big deal, it was. Consider that a lesson learned. When someone cuts you, sticks stuff inside you, removes part of you, and closes you again it's best to consider it a big deal and to allow yourself the time and space for recovery. Don't let your expectations be your enemy (I like that, you might see it again!).

I am recovering pretty well. On the day of my surgery, after the procedure, I was up and walking. The nurses said they had never seen anyone recover as well as I did. That was a great day, I don't know what they give you during surgery but that shit works. I could have run a marathon and not felt a thing.

The next day, and since, the good stuff wore off. I still walked a lot and continued to improve, but it was more painful and more uncomfortable. I took some oxy for the pain which helped but I am trying to wean myself off of it now. I am not a fan of the oxy hangover at all.

Now I'm home and doing better every day. But let me tell you, it's still a big deal. It still hurts (although much less) and I feel like I can only favor my right side (the stuff all happened on my left side). Krista and the kids have been amazing and were here all weekend taking care of me. It was so fun and helped me heal.

The theme for me still holds. I am very lucky. My mindset is strong and my body can take this stuff. But, this time I learned a big lesson. Don't underestimate anything that involves when people do something to you for you. I underestimated and expected to be fine quickly. I have no doubt that I will be fine, but I have to realize that it may take some time.

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3 comentários

Joseph Ammons
Joseph Ammons
10 de mai. de 2023

Hiya, Burt! It's Joseph, a buddy from back in the HealthSparq Days! I love the line in this post "In a classic Burt fashion, I talked myself into how easy this would be"... and immediately found another of those "inter-connectedness" aspects between our lives; personalities in this case.

After my first course of chemo+radation (six weeks), I thought MAY 2023 would be a semi-active month where I'd do sme RV camping with my wife and dog ... Hmm. It's been a chore even to get myself to regular weekly exercise! Sometimes hope overwhelms capablities. Keep up with the good stuff!!

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen
10 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

You too!


25 de abr. de 2023

Thank you so much for this blog today, Burt. I've been wondering what your experience has been like. Again, you answered all my questions. I'm beyond grateful and relieved by your great news!!! Congratulations! You're a lucky guy! We're celebrating with you!

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