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Updates from 3/1 - A new phase

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Well, I am entering a new phase. I will start with the not-so-fun and end with the more fun.

This week, I had a blood draw and an appointment with Dr. Pegna on Monday

  • Symptoms are still my skin, stomach, fatigue, and some sleep issues lately. The dermatologist stuff is helping my skin but I am still having some issues.

  • My blood looks good, and even my platelets have bounced back a bit, but not enough. In the last blood draw on 2/13, my platelets were 75 (He has told me 100 is the border below which isn't great)

  • After that platelet count, he told me to take two more weeks off of chemo to see how my platelets bounce back

  • I did the additional two weeks off, tested on 2/27, and they only came back to 86. He had hoped I would bounce back to 100

  • Because I am still low, I am coming off chemo (for good, for now).

  • Instead, we are being more intentional about scheduling surgery (early June) and putting me on a once-monthly injection (Lanreotide) to help keep the tumors stable and not growing

  • We also tested my gastrin levels (a lot of detail in here, let me know if you care) but don't have the results yet. It will help me understand what drugs I will need

  • Mentally it's been a tougher week. I've been happy, basically feeling great, and chugging along knowing what to expect. Now, I am starting a new treatment and I don't know what it will be like. I am sure I will be great but the unknown is slightly unsettling

  • I have a CT Scan this Friday (3/2) to see what my tumor sizes are looking like and an appointment on Monday morning to review the scan.

  • The good news

    • I started my new job and really like it and feel like I am making a difference

    • I am speaking to new patients and helping all the time, and gave my Dr my contact info and told him to offer me up as support to people

    • I am working on a Portland support group

    • Still doing some other consulting for a mental health company

    • I booked my skydive! April 29, I am very excited (and not scared - yet)

    • This Saturday night I am a storyteller at an Improv show!

  • So overall, it's the unknown part that's unsettling, but I will get past it and will come out better. This too shall pass as they say

  • Next update you get to hear, in detail, about my butt dart (what they call these shots)! So get excited about that!

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