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5/13 Updates

It's been a while so have an update. And no, you can't get fries with that. Unless they are 5 Guys Cajun style, then it's ok.

  • I'm recovering well from the lung surgery. I think I underestimated it a bit and the first one and a half to two weeks were harder, but now I am much better

    • No pain

    • Very little soreness

    • A lot of fatigue (sounds like an Austin Powers character) but getting better from the surgery

    • Incision sites are healing, still swollen a bit but healing

  • My current treatment for the PNET is a once-monthly shot

    • Just had it on Wednesday (5/10) and the fatigue has been really bad

    • I am now using my soon-to-be patented "Step Strategy". I take a step up to do something, and determine if I can then take another step up, or if I need to go back down a step. I am sleeping a lot but I probably need it anyway

  • My stomach issues have basically calmed down

  • My skin issues are much better

  • Most days I am "fine", working, volunteering, walking when I can, etc. I usually rest or nap daily

  • Upcoming stuff:

    • Appointment with my surgeon (for the June 9 surgery) on Monday. One thing I learned from the lung surgery is that I didn't ask enough questions before the procedure so I didn't know what to expect, what healing milestones I should hit, etc. I am being much smarter for June

    • Still do acupuncture every other week and love it. It helps me mentally and physically

    • Blood draw on 5/15 to see how my blood is doing

    • Nutritionist call on 5/16 to discuss any nutrition recommendations for surgery

  • Then, the FUN begins! From 5/18-5/22, we will be in Orange CA for my Romy's college graduation!!!! WTF!!!!!! She graduates Sunday morning at 8 am with her class. We will hang out for a few days and get back to Portland on 5/22.

That's the update! As always, if you have any questions, thoughts or comments please let me know!

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1 Comment

May 14, 2023

I love the positive report about your skin and stomach issues + no pain. I'm all for that! Rest up. Glad you're taking rest seriously. It's so important! Big hugs, Carolyn

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