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Updates from 1/14/23

Quick update, the upcoming week is much more interesting

  • Just wrote a new post that I am very excited about that I will post early in the week - the topic is "how to respond when someone gives you bad news about themselves"

  • Chemo off-week, I start up again next week.

  • Feeling really good. Symptoms have been very mild this week.

  • Major symptoms this week (but all manageable and not that bad):

    • Stomach

    • Eczema

    • Fatigue

    • Some circulation stuff - cold hands/feet, etc

    • Sleep is ok, some nights haven't been great but not consistent so some nights are better than others

  • No doctors appointments in the past week, just therapy which was great

  • A lot of volunteer discussions with the groups I am volunteering for. SIO or Society of Integrative Oncology, OHSU (potential but not formalized), the Healing NET Foundation (A NETS organization co-founded by a NETS specialist and a patient)

  • Good potential consulting/part-time job discussions too. Hopefully more on this later

  • Joined a gym! Also went to Yoga which I seriously love. Namaste all!

  • Upcoming week

    • Blood draw and NETs Oncologist appointment on 1/17

    • My first appointment with Urologic Oncologist will be on 1/19 - this is the first time I will be speaking with someone about my kidney cancer. I am very excited about this appointment!

    • Dentist Appointment to finally get my permanent crown put in

    • Therapy

Will update next week when I am sure that I will have a lot to share!

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