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Cancer, shmancer. I'm better than ever! (I know I'm lucky)

I don't want to be judged for my diagnosis. I want to be accepted for who I am.

Here's what's interesting. I was diagnosed with two cancers as everyone knows. Guess what? I am better now than I ever have been. I am more aware, more engaged, more sensitive, more appreciative, more honest, more open, more creative, more empathetic, have better perspective, and am just happier.

"You have cancer, how can you say that?" That's what people might ask. My answer? Having cancer has taught me a ton. Luckily, I have treatable cancers and I am doing great. My symptoms are light and I am highly engaged. I have learned so much about myself, people, and the world around me, and I use those lessons every day. I refuse to retreat into my illness, but instead I am using it to learn and better myself.

Let me tell you what I have been doing and what my days look like. I have been building brands, acquiring members, building community, helping raise money, building structure and organizations, promoting things that matter, and helping people. I am using my Marketing, Sales, and Patient experience in ways I never have before. I am doing all of the above for organizations for whom I volunteer and companies for whom I consult. Not only have I not slowed down since my diagnosis, I have actually picked up.

I am thinking more and doing more than I have in a while. I am writing regularly, strategizing a ton and working hard every day. I am consulting with companies and I am an advisor to a number of Lyme Disease and cancer nonprofits. I am on four committees for the Society for Integrative Oncology, and I meet a lot of people weekly who I either consult with or offer advice to. I am very focused on helping companies succeed and nonprofits help people (and my ideal is to achieve both with the same people).

The other way that I spend my time is helping people one to one. This is so important to me and I won't stop. I speak to numerous people a week and help where I can, and more importantly listen when they need someone to talk to.

So, for all of those who are wondering if I can add value or help, I can. Not only do I have a ton of marketing experience (in every facet of marketing, team and company leadership) but I am a better human being who is stronger, more strategic, more creative, more empathetic, and feeling great. I have been honest, open and public about my experiences with my illness because, at the end of the day, helping people is the most important thing I can do.

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